Yes, I understand that a links page is very 1998ish, but if you enjoy the things I do here, you may enjoy some other things I am a part of or things from like-minded folks that I support.

static.squarespace.comVs The Net – Vs The Net is a comedy podcast about internet subculture hosted by Mat Elfring, Lewis Rhine and Jack Baker. Each week, the three take a look at ideas, memes and movements that have gone viral across the web and invaded our pop culture. They investigate the history, growth, and truth behind these things from a skeptical stand-point.

New episodes every Friday! (Or a few days after that, depending on how lazy we are)


comic-vineComic Vine – I write for this site! I write reviews, news pieces, and editorials! Make sure to check out the Comic Vine Podcast which is hosted by Tony Guerrero, Corey, and myself, every Friday!

Comic Vine is a super-rad comic book site that features a GIGANTIC wiki-section of anything you can think of within comics books. We also cover news and reviews of everything cool in comics. We tend to also go to conventions quite a bit and interview people.




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