About Mat Elfring

When you type my name into Google, this is the first thing that pops up.

When you type my name into Google, this is the first thing that pops up.

Hiya! My name is Mat Elfring and welcome to the part of someone’s blog that most people don’t read: the About section. I’m glad you could make it, and I’m hoping this about section really gets you excited about reading the rest of my blog, and maybe even venturing into other places where I work or express myself creatively.

This blog is and always will be essentially an online diary but in no way secret. As a writer, at times, I get a bit of the old writer’s block, and so I use the blog here to jab on about something else until said writer’s blog is broken.

Mat Elfring’s Pajama Jam is about me, my feelings, and the other things I was told not to talk about as a child because men don’t talk about silly things like “feelings.” As you may already know, I’m very open about most aspects of my life like my battle with depression, epilepsy, quitting smoking, and staying in shape. I mainly write here for me and nobody else. But, being the giant attention whore I am, I put it all on the net.

I have no standing in politics. I vote for who I like best. I’m am a strong supporter of human rights. I’ve been an atheist most of my life, and many times, I ended up getting grounded for not wanting to go to church. Isn’t that the saddest? I believe in science, logical, and critical thinking, even though I can be hyper-emotional and very illogical at times.

I’m a thirty-something man from the suburbs of Chicago who went to Columbia College and majored in film, concentrating in critical analysis and screenwriting. From 2003-2007, I live in a few places in Chicago but mainly called Logan Square home. During this time, I was also a documentarian for the metal band Cealed Kasket and toured round the country with them and filmed the band playing on stage and off. One piece I filmed of the band ended up on a 2006 episode of Colbert Report. It was entitled “Rocktober.” In 2007, I moved back to my hometown and began my hand at writing comic books and screenplays, all while teaching and tutoring at a local college.

In July of 2009, I was hired by Whiskey Media to write for their website Comic Vine. I’ve been there ever since, at CV that is. In early 2012, the site was bought out by CBS Interactive, and I shuffled on over with them. I’ve always been a comic book geek, and CV gave me the opportunity to write about what I love.

In late 2015, I became the editor of GameSpot Entertainment, a new section of the video gaming site, focusing on movies and television and whatnot.

I am the cohost of the Comic Vine podcast and the Super Massive Podcast with Tony Guerrero.

I also like watching old WWE matches.

Now, we have this podcast, which the whole site is dedicated to: Podcast Killed the Video Star.

3 responses to “About Mat Elfring

  1. Hey man! It’s Tom Wanderer. I was just thinking about you and our Muggles days last night. I’m glad I found your website. I have no contact info for you, Andrew, Will or Shaun anymore. Always had a great time with you guys. 2013 was the 10 year anniversary of our Muggles ep and I wanted to contact you guys about putting out a 10″ or something. The guy Kris Poulin that recorded it now does work for Bryan Adams, Will Oldham, She and Him, etc. I see him every year or two when he’s on tour. Anyway, I’m married now. Still in milwaukee. I’m in a band called Red Stuff and I do a weekly radio show. Fix coffee machines for a living. I hope you are well. Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you. Feel free to email me if you like, it would be nice to catch up.

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