Messing With E-Mail Scammers

Back in the days of Prattle Rattle, I’d post my e-mail conversations with scammers. I’d lead them along and try and screw with them as much as possible. My main goal was to waste their time because they are terrible, horrible human beings. I talked to Nigerian Princes and poor women in Somalia who have come into billions of dollars but they need someone to take care of their money. My current record is 2 months straight of back and forth with these people.

What you see before you is what I thought was going to be my best messing with a scammer ever, but it ended pretty abruptly. Someone was trying to break into my email account, and I spent a day fixing what they did.

James Williams
10 Chiswell Street, 2nd Floor
London, UK EC1Y 4UQ

Mat Elfring <

I am James Williams, from Duane Morris Chambers.Please this is just an inquiry.

I am trying to find out if you are by any chance related to Late Mr  

Elfring <

Do let me know urgently. It’s important you reply by email. .

Sincerely Yours

James Williams

Principal Solicitor

Is this a first name for this gentleman?

Mat Elfring


Attn:Mat Elfring

My main reason for my inquiry is about the bequest left behind by Late Mr. Joseph Elfring
that is worth US$1,000,000 of which I as his attorney is under immense pressure to Locate a relative of his to present to the bank.

;Since there is a similarity in names l felt it wise to establish contact with you so I can present you to the bank as his distance relation as the only surviving next of kin.

As Joseph’s attorney I will get the entire necessary document legally and present them to bank to back you up as his next of kin.

You do not have to be worried or scared. I will not do anything to jeopardize my name nor yours in anyway.

Meanwhile, let me have your full names, address, occupation, age, next of kin, marital Status and mobile/cell number if you are ready to do this deal with me. With these I can formally introduce you to the bank.


Sincerely Yours


Principal Solicitor

Duane Morris&  James WILLIAMS  is a partnership authorized and regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (number 310992). The firm’s VAT registration number is 744 3570 30.

A list of the partners and their professional qualifications is open to inspection at the above address. The partners are either solicitors or registered foreign lawyers all of whom are partners in the international law firm of Duane Morris& James WILLIAMS

Well, thank you for contacting me, Mr Williams. I am sad to read about the passing of anyone, not just a possible relative. In my family tree, I have a great-uncle, living in Liverpool, named Guttenberg Elfring. In addition, I have a second cousin living in Cardiff, Wales by the name Steve Elfring. Are any of these men in relation to the Joseph Elfring in question? I only ask because I am unaware of a Joseph Elfring, but then again, I have a very common last name, and there are lots of Elfrings across the country. Please, Help Me, Help You so we can figure this out together.
Actually, after checking my tree some more, there seems to be a Joseph Elfring, related to Steve Elfring who trains at the London Police Academy. Is this him? He lives in a loft with 3 other Men and a Baby. I’m a little confused and hope you can help me out. I don’t want to Short Circuit. I know Steve worked at a local Diner by the Big Green.

Here is my info. I hope this helps.

Mat Guttenberg Elfring
1985 Cocoon Dr
High Spirits, MA 02018

Occupation: Robotics designer
Age: 54
Next of kin: Newton Crosby-Elfring
Marital Status: Divorced
Phone number: (824) 195-8000

I hope this helps!

Attn:Mat Elfring

Thanks for taking out your time to provide me with the information needed to enable me get this done and dusted with.the provided information will be strictly used for the intended purpose

l will be meeting with bank will be updated

Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. Everyday is a gift.

Attn:Mat Guttenberg Elfring
I have good news for us today! I am attaching copy of the Affidavit of Claims and Trust Administration that empowers you as the legitimate owner of the funds by virtue of next of kinship. It is for your assessment and record purposes.
It has been submitted already and the Santander Bank has forwarded a detailed application to the authorities involved in endorsing the approval and as soon as the approval is ready, the appointed paying bank will be communicating you with remittance instructions.
I will advice you to be on standby and let me know as soon as you hear from the paying bank.
Thanks and God bless you.
Sincerely Yours
At this point, the “bank” e-mailed me.
Confirm receipt of the document.

Sincerely Yours
Claudio Peters

Yes. I totally got those.

Truly yours,
Mat Guttenberg Elfring

Did you read the attached document?in i we requested for your banking information to enable u have the fund wired into it,please make avaliable to us your banking informations

Sincerely Yours
Claudio Peters

Surely, Claudio!
I apologize for unprofessionalism during this transaction. I have been very busy with the Guttenberg fundraiser which gives children all across the globe, without access to entertainment, a chance to watch great films like Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol and Short Circuit. Keeping that in mind, would your bank be interested in giving to this charitable fund? It’s for a fantastic cause and can boost your bank’s public profile.
As for your banking information, I shall wait patiently for you to send me your account information so I can connect it to my bank and you can deposit from there.

Your friend,
Mathius Guttenberg Elfren IV

Now, I went back to James:
Hello James,
While I have received receipts, I have yet to hear or receive anything from the bank. Is everything going ok? I’m now very worried and I don’t want to lose out on this exciting deal! I will continue to be on standby unless my internal battery dies. I truly hope this does not happen.
The bank(Satander Bank,said you have been contacted,will you please confirm receipt of their mail and furnish them with the requested information to enable the complete the transaction.You still have not confirm your acceptance in my 30% service charge demand.Please do,
Awaiting your response


I confirm it to you no. I accept it.


What is going on,they said you still have not furnish them with the requested banking information,please do so


I gave them all the information they needed this morning. This is very tough for me, since I am grieving the loss of a loved one and family member. I am still waiting for them to give me their banking information so I can connect the accounts. They have still not responded to me. This is all on them.


How will you ask a paying back to give you their account details with the Federal reserve?There is a strange request.Please do not slow down this transaction at this time with such a request which is far from possible.
If you do not feel comfortable sending them your banking details,have a new one open for this purpose.
Awaiting your response.

At this point, someone tried to break into my email account by guessing my password questions. My e-mail service locked my account.

Well, that’s that. Pretty boring, eh?
This was tough to read too

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  1. Hi- I just got an email from the same scammer- and he didn’t even bother to give me a name for the allegedly dead relative!! When I was single and signed up for on line dating, I used to love to mess with all the Nigerian scammers – lead them on, then turn them in to the website as frauds so they would lose the money they paid to be able to use the website.

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