People Who Say “Haters Gonna Hate” Gonna Hate Some Hate

I don’t like the term “haters gonna hate.” In fact, you could say I am a hater of said commonly used phrase that gained its fame on the net, mainly through meme. Its intention is to undo everything another person said by simply calling them a  hater. Essentially, when you know you’ve lost an argument, you go to this. People use it for different reasons, let’s break those down, shall we?

1. Celebrities/Fans of Celebrities

These people use this term when they think someone s jealous of them or the person they are defending. Sometimes they are right, but most of the time, they are dead wrong. Sometimes, a celebrity does something stupid, and then everyone says, “hey, you are stupid for your action/thing you said/crime you committed.” Cue up “haters gonna hate.” The use of this term here is that the celebrity/fan thinks said hater is conveying jealousy. “Of course they’re going to hate me. I’m awesome” is the mindset a lot of these people have, but they’re wrong. It’s very clear you are being hated on for being an idiot.

2. Delusional Assholes

They are the exact same person as celebrity, minus a discerning talent in some field. They also think said hater is jealous of them, except they lack skill, and they think they’re so awesome, but in reality, they’re just your average shitbag. They get they’re own category because they’re not good at anything.

3. People Who Disagree With an Argument

This is the ultimate “I don’t have a good point, so fuck you” type of person. This is where you see “Haters Gonna Hate” the most. Humans are hard wired to feel like they’re right, but not actually be right. We want to argue, no matter how wrong we are. We want people on our side. However, some people don’t even have a damned point, and that’s when they say this. Why bother posting at all?

The Reason You Suck

Posting “Haters Gonna Hate” is essentially telling the world “I hate people who hate.” You are what you hate, a “hater,” but what makes it worse is that most of the time you are hating someone who actually is giving a legit, personal reason for disliking something/one. Sure, there’s shitbags on the net who will say things like “Justin Bieber sucks,” without anything backing it up, but you’re just as bad as the original poster in this case. In the case of you posting that to someone with legitimate logic and reasoning, you’re worse than them.

A Quick Final Word

“Haters Gonna Hate” is the lazyman’s way to get people to agree with you without actually adding to a conversation. We live in an internet age where so many people who can’t function in social situations in the real world have a voice in this anonymous society of the world wide web. They’ve got internet balls, yet they can’t express themselves with real words in an actual debate or argument. Your contribution to the debate is as worthless as the guy who types “FIRST!”

Now, I’m aware a few people are going to post things like “Haters Gonna Hate” and “Haters Gonna Hate Haters Gonna Hate” or even “First,” and I expect that.

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