Welcome to the start of a terrible relationship

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I’ve put some serious work into a blog, since Prattle Rattle (a blog by Chicago comedians) fell apart. I’ve done a few like “Count Judas’ Pajama-Jam” and “my ego is inferior,” but they’ve all fallen apart because I didn’t put the time or effort into them that I should. I got caught up in a lot of different projects, most of which failed hard.

I’m for reals going to try and write on here once a week though, and the reason why I’m going to dedicate myself to this shitty little blog is because I find myself writing these long-winded retorts on facebook, a place where all opinions end as soon as they start. Why do I dedicate so much time to that shitty little social media site when I should be doing more stuff for myself? I’ve been asking myself that a lot the past year.

When I started working at Comic Vine, three years ago, there was a big push towards social media. I was told by marketing people to sign up for anything and everything in order to get what I was writing, on CV and not on CV out into the internet world. I must have taken that too much to heart because I find myself in a web of non-productive work reading science articles, posting them onto facebook where I’d get into arguments over their credibility… or just trolling.

The biggest reason why I’m going to make this work is because I paid money to register a domain name. I know if I put money into something, I’m going to work on it. It may not be every day, but I’ll be here. 2012, thus far, has been a good year for getting shit done. Lewis and I have put together two seasons of our show Barely Watchable, and our new show Tech Yeah Bro (crew pictured above) should be hitting the net sometime this fall. Comic Vine was bought out by CBS, and I just got back from San Diego Comic Con, reporting for the fans. It’s been a cool trip.

But the main reason I’m here is because I want to write. On CV, I can really only write about things relating to comic books, which is so awesome, but I’d like to discuss/complain/scream about other topics. While comic books are a big part of my life, it’s not the only part. So this is the debut of http://www.inferiorego.com a name I’ve said I don’t like numerous times because I used it as a joke once, but hey, it is me, and I guess I have to accept that.
I love all three of you that read this and all two of you who will continue to read it.

~Mat Elfring

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